Saturday, 21 November 2015

Corsair II

An update on the original Corsair circuit which can be found here, The Corsair TX.

Dave Martin.


Largo Ciospe Francesco said...
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Largo Ciospe Francesco said...

Hi Dave, thanks for your effort. I see the new Corsair II, what it's new? I have done the older Corsair II version with direct modulated BS170 mosfet that you have now deleted from your blog, good output but seems the LM386 AF modulator get so much hot. It is normal? For this reason you have changing schematic adopting TIP31 for modulator stage instead? Hi, F.

Largo Ciospe Francesco said...

HI, I'm here again. I have made this Corsair II and power out no problem, but modulation is always dirty and distorted at every input AF level, expecially when its transmitting music. Problem I think is always in the LM386-TIP31C section, because I have tried xtal oscillator or VFO DDS drive, with always same result: power ok but coarse modulation. I have tried to modify LM386 gain and/or to indrease R3 to 1,2 Kohm with no results. Could you give me some clue? Have a good 2017. F.

Michel Frias said...

I want to build this AM TX

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