Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Corsette Low power SW Transmitter.

The idea behind the Corsette was to come up with a simple QRP AM TX for 6 to 7 MHz, that could be built in a very short space of time.
The circuit below is basically the first 2 stages of a Corsair,it must be noted that there is no low pass filter on the output. You should add one as even at these low powers harmonics can be a problem.A suitable filter will follow


Anonymous said...

How much is output power?

Anonymous said...

c19, c20 and l7 form the low pass filter. for this low power, the filter is probably good enough.

Anonymous said...

any chance of getting the filter design?

looking forward to having a go at this.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great work. I have some questions.
1) How can I reduce the power of the Corsair to say 1W. I will place a OUTPUT POWER switch somewhere.
2) Can I feed The Corsair / Corsette with a DDS as a VFO? It is a AD9850 board with 200 ohms resistors around the LPF. I suppose a reduction in output voltage from the module will be needed. Shall I feed the TX thru a var. cap?
3) How much % mod can I get from them?
Thank you in advance!

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Kees said...

What size is the coil L3 ? 4 Turns on FB?

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